Student Scholarships

Scholarship awards are based on financial need, personal history, academic merit, achievement, and/or specific areas of study. The annual application process for student scholarships begins in February and ends in April. A maximum of three quarters of tuition (based on a 15-credit load) may be awarded and can be used as early as summer quarter of the same year. Please check the South Seattle College website for the exact opening and closing dates.

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Scholarship awards for South Seattle College students are made by the South Seattle College Foundation, based on donor specifications and preferences. Unrestricted SSCF scholarship funds are also available. In the Spring 2020 scholarship round, over $353,000 in scholarship money was awarded to 97 students. In the Spring 2021 scholarship round, over $387,000 in scholarship money was awarded to 119 students. In the Spring 2022 scholarship round, awards were made to 96 students for a total of $397,500.


General scholarships are for current, international, and in-coming students. By completing one online application (see link below), students are considered for all appropriate South Seattle College scholarships as well as a few offered by the Seattle Colleges Foundation.

To complete an application, you will need the following:

  • Unofficial college or high school transcript
  • Statement of Financial Need
  • Purpose Statement
  • Personal Statement
  • Two References; at least one reference should be a South faculty or staff member
  • Resume – Optional

The South Seattle College Foundation awards scholarships from money derived from three sources: Endowment Funds, Adopt-A-Student Funds, and the General Scholarship Fund. The South Seattle College Foundation is a separate and distinct entity from the Seattle Colleges Foundation; however, the South Foundation contracts with the Seattle Colleges Foundation to manage the scholarship application process for all South Seattle College students.

More information about the scholarship application can be accessed through the Seattle Colleges Foundation FAQ sheet and through an instructional video for the general application.

For further information regarding the application process and any other questions, please contact Kathie Pham at Seattle Colleges.  See the section below for Kathie’s email address.

For access to the online application during the time the scholarship period is open, visit  Then click on the Seattle Colleges Foundation Scholarship link.

Kathie Pham

Who to contact for information and assistance

Kathie Pham
Seattle Colleges

Quotes from past scholarship winners: