Our Mission

To change lives by providing students at South Seattle College with scholarships so they can pursue quality academic and vocational education. To support South Seattle College with funds as available for programs, faculty grants, and infrastructure. We do this through relationship building, fundraising, and stewarding resources.

The South Seattle College Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Average scholarship students per year


Average quarters awarded per year


Average total $ awarded each year

These numbers are based on averages from the last five years of scholarship rounds 2019-2023.

See our Scholarships Page for more information about General Scholarships and additional financial support for Legacy Students awarded a 13th year Promise Scholarship.

Walter Reese

A Letter from our Board Chair

Greetings Friends of the South Seattle College Foundation,

Welcome to our new and improved website! I hope you find it useful as you learn more about the mission of the South Seattle College Foundation. As the current Board Chair, I am humbled and honored to carry on the proud tradition of service that many before me helped to create. I’d also like to thank our current Board Members who all have a passion for education and are dedicated to the continued stewardship of the Foundation.

The mission of the Foundation is to change lives by providing students with scholarships so they can pursue quality academic and vocational education. We do this through relationship building, fundraising, and stewarding resources.

As many of you may know, in 2007 the South Seattle College Foundation created the 13th Year Promise Scholarship. The 13thYear program was the first of its kind not just locally but nationally. This program began by providing each graduating senior from Cleveland High School a scholarship to attend South Seattle College without regard to grades or income level.

Over the years, the 13th Year Promise Scholarship was expanded to include Chief Sealth International, Rainer Beach, and eventually West Seattle high schools. This program was so successful it became the model for the Seattle Promise established by the City of Seattle several years ago which provides a two- year scholarship to all graduating seniors from any Seattle high school to attend one of the three Seattle Colleges. I guess it’s hard to keep a good idea from spreading!

With the creation of the Seattle Promise, the Foundation today offers students of South Seattle College an array of annual scholarship opportunities beyond the Seattle Promise. Besides scholarships, the Foundation also offers support for emergency funding for students who may be having a difficult time financially beyond tuition. Foundation grants are awarded to faculty each year to enrich their learning opportunities. Most recently, the Foundation has provided funding for the on-going remodel of the Alki Café located on the South Seattle College campus.

You can see that the Foundation is continuing to serve the students, faculty, and administrators of South Seattle College in a variety of ways. As we have in the past, the Foundation will continue to look forward to new and innovative ways to partner with the South Seattle College community.

In closing, I’d like to thank the hundreds of donors who have contributed to the Foundation over the past decades. Without your vision and help, the South Seattle College Foundation would not be where it is today. Through its commitment to education, the support the Foundation provides can change the life of a student forever.

With Gratitude,

Walter Reese, Board Chair
South Seattle College Foundation